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MASE Home Robotic furniture designed to expand space. About MASE Home MASEhome is a business that specializes in robotic furniture designed to expand space. They help hotels and property developers […]


BOTanist Precision Plant Care About BOTanist Botanist is an AgriTech startup originating from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU). The company’s primary focus is on developing innovative sensor […]

NCAM2024: Unleashing the Future of Additive Manufacturing in Hammerfest

NCAM2024: Witness the future of additive manufacturing in Hammerfest. An event where innovation meets collaboration, showcasing groundbreaking 3D printing advancements led by Norwegian Additive Manufacturing. Join industry leaders and pioneers at this key gathering for transformative ideas and technologies.

Circular Economy Makerspace

Exciting partnership: Creator Makerspace collaborates with Project Circular Spaces to drive sustainability in Baltic Sea makerspaces through eco-design and circular principles.