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Master new skills in technology and craftsmanship at Creator Makerspace. Our practical courses, suitable for all levels, help you transform ideas into reality and connect with innovators.

Introductory Courses

Laser Cutting

The event is for everyone interested in the basic knowledge of the Laser Cutter machine.

CNC Machining

Learn how to use Creator's 6040 CNC controlled milling machine. The course covers theory of metal cutting, Fusion CAM, safe use and tools.

3D Printing

The event is for everyone interested in the basic knowledge of using a 3D print machine, either for commercial or individual purposes.

Resin Printing

This class will cover basic knowledge of how to use Creator's Formlabs SLA resin printer, either for commercial or personal purpose.

Fusion 360

In this course, participants will learn to use Fusion 360 and make models that can be exported to a laser cutter or 3D-printer.

Prompt Engineering

Explore AI prompt engineering in this course to learn how to interact and optimize AI outputs effectively.

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