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Unleashing the Future of Additive Manufacturing in Hammerfest

NCAM2024: The Epicenter of Additive Manufacturing Innovation

In the ever-evolving world of 3D printing and additive manufacturing, a pivotal event is on the horizon — NCAM2024. Hosted by the Norwegian Additive Manufacturing Cluster in partnership with the 3D Print GO network by ProBarents, this isn’t just another industry meet-up. It’s a fusion of arctic charm and cutting-edge technology, a rendezvous point for the best minds in industrial 3D printing, academia, and diverse industrial sectors.

Decoding Norwegian Additive Manufacturing

At the heart of this technological renaissance is Norwegian Additive Manufacturing (AM). Far beyond mere prototyping, Norwegian AM is redefining the very fabric of production processes. It’s a story of layering materials from plastic to metal, even human tissue, to forge new frontiers in industries like aerospace, automotive, and healthcare. Norwegian AM isn’t just about crafting objects; it’s a bold reimagining of our creative and production capabilities, reshaping our industrial landscape.

Spotlight on Norwegian AM at NCAM2024

As we gear up for NCAM2024, there’s a special spotlight on the Norwegian Additive Manufacturing Cluster (Norwegian AM), a key player set to make a significant impact at the event. Established in 2022, Norwegian AM aims to connect stakeholders, promote the development of an additive manufacturing ecosystem, and stimulate growth and sustainable solutions. Attendees can expect insightful knowledge sharing, prominent outreach, and showcases of best practices in additive manufacturing. Find out more here.

Why NCAM2024 is Unmissable

NCAM2024 is a three-day symposium that promises to be a hotbed of ideas and innovation:

  • Network with Industry Titans: Rub shoulders with the who’s who of additive manufacturing, from renowned researchers to industry veterans.
  • Absorb Revolutionary Ideas: Expect a deluge of innovative talks and sessions, opening new windows to the future of manufacturing.
  • Collaborate and Grow: It’s more than just an event; it’s a collaborative space to exchange expertise and fuel personal and professional growth.

Essentials of the Event

  • Location: Set against the surreal backdrop of Hammerfest
  • Dates: March 11th · 6pm – March 13th · 12pm
  • Registration: Secure your spot at NCAM2024 here.

Travel & Stay

  • Alta (ALF): Ideal for its robust flight schedule and competitive pricing.
  • Hammerfest (HFT): Proximity to the venue, albeit with limited capacity and higher rates.
  • Lakselv (LKL): An economical choice with less frequent flights.
 Stay close to the action at venues like Thon Hotel Hammerfest or Smarthotel Hammerfest, with rates starting from NOK 900 per night.

A Community Call-to-Action

Creator Makerspace champions the spirit of community and innovation. NCAM2024 isn’t just about knowledge acquisition; it’s a rallying cry for those shaping the future of additive manufacturing. Whether you’re a seasoned professional, a hobbyist, or just AM-curious, this conference is your gateway to the future.

Be Part of the Movement

Join us in Hammerfest for a deep dive into additive manufacturing. We urge our members and the wider community to engage in this remarkable event. Your participation will not only enrich the dialogue but also fortify our network in the additive manufacturing domain.

We can’t wait to see you there!

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