Creator Makerspace

What is Creator?

Our History

Creator was founded in Stavanger, Norway, in September 2015 as a non-profit haven for creativity.

By November, we made our Forus facilities home, crafting a community where ideas and collaboration flourish. Here, we continue to empower makers, unite technology enthusiasts, and enrich the local industry through our shared passion for innovation.

Our Mission

Our mission at Creator is to empower and unite a diverse community of makers and thinkers through a shared passion for innovation. We strive to provide an inclusive, state-of-the-art workspace where ideas can thrive, projects can materialize, and education fosters growth.

We’re dedicated to fostering a culture of collaboration that drives technological advancement and contributes to the economic vitality of our region

Our Team

Meet the heart and soul of Creator: a diverse group of visionaries, educators, and facilitators dedicated to nurturing the creative spirit in all of us.

Our team’s expertise spans across various disciplines, united by a commitment to providing an environment where innovation can thrive. Together, we strive to support, inspire, and empower our community of makers every day.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Creator Makerspace is a non-profit workshop in Stavanger, Norway, designed for people with common interests to work on projects, share ideas, equipment, and knowledge. It’s a community where hobbyists, innovators, artists, and businesses come together to create and innovate

Everyone is welcome to join Creator Makerspace, including makers, hobbyists, innovators, specialists, businesses, technologists, inventors, and hard workers.

Members enjoy access to a wide range of equipment and workshops, community and networking opportunities, events, access to expertise, and opportunities for growth and development​​​.

Other benefits include kitchen amenities, social dining space, 24/7 access, access to cutting-edge tools and equipment, high-speed WiFi, and professional growth support​.

Services include an open prototyping space, various workshops and equipment, a coworking space, private office rentals, and programs and courses focused on multimedia art, sculpture, and design.

You can join Creator by selecting from their range of memberships, each designed to meet different needs and aspirations. 

Just follow this Link to our Sign Up Page and select a membership type.

Persons under the age of 16 must always be accompanied by an adult to ensure a safe and supportive environment for all members​

Membership fees vary depending on the type chosen, with options for monthly or annual commitments. Standard, commercial, and philanthropist memberships cater to individual creators, businesses, and those looking to support the community, respectively. Details on fees and benefits are available on our Sign Up Page, including special offers for students.

If you wish to visit Creator before you decide to join please contact us and arrange a visit!

Members have access to woodworking tools, electronics, 3D printing, laser cutting, textiles and sewing, computer and CAD, metalworking, and CNC machines​​​. For further information please visit our Workshop Page

You can subscribe to Creator’s newsletter for updates on upcoming events, and other Creator News. Additionally, you can follow us on social media platforms to stay informed​​​.

Creator is open 24/7 to its members. 

Most equipment at Creator does not require training however use of the Laser Cutter does require you to complete a training course, found here

Members are welcome to host events or workshops at Creator with the prior consent. Please contact Creator directly if you are interested in hosting a workshop or event.

If you wish to volunteer at creator please contact us directly. Volunteer’s benefit from discounted membership prices.

Creator always welcomes feedback and suggestions on way to improve. If you have a suggestion please complete the following survey