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User Agreement for the Makerspace

By becoming a member of “Creator Makerspace,” you agree to the following terms and conditions: 

General Use:

1.The user agreement is personal between Makerspace and the member.

2. Members cannot transfer personal membership to others.

3. If the workplace pays the subscription or the premises are used in connection with commercial activities, a corporate subscription should be used unless otherwise agreed.


Use of Equipment:

4. Personal protective equipment is MANDATORY in red zones. Failure to use protective equipment results in immediate removal from the area until missing equipment is in place.

5. Members should exercise caution in areas where equipment is in use. Do not push past people using equipment or disturb them unnecessarily.

6. Members commit to only using equipment they are checked out on.

7. Members commit to treating all equipment with respect and care.

8. All use is solely at your own risk.

9. Members are obligated to follow the checklist for starting and stopping the equipment they use – every time.

10. Members are responsible for knowing where all fire extinguishing and first aid equipment is and for knowing the routines for alerting if an accident happens. In case of fire or fire outbreak, the fire department must be contacted immediately – no exceptions!

11. If equipment is damaged, it must be reported immediately to Makerspace personnel.

12. No member should attempt to repair or maintain equipment. This is EXCLUSIVELY for Makerspace personnel.

13. Members must ensure that the area is tidy and all equipment is placed in its respective places after use. Repeated breaches (3) of the regulations will incur a cleaning fee of 200 kroner per incident.


For Members with Access Keys:

14. All access keys/cards are a personal responsibility and should not be lent or transferred to others at any time. In case of a lost card/key, it is the member’s responsibility to report to Makerspace to prevent misuse. In cases of negligence, the member may be liable for compensation for equipment lost as a result of a loaned or lost key/card.



15. Membership is for access to premises and equipment. All members must pay for the consumption of materials. The price of materials is available at the reception and on the member pages. All sales take place by direct payment to Makerspace. There is no return policy on consumables.

16. Members may bring their own consumables, but such should exclusively be for their own projects. See also point 7.



17. Members who bring guests are directly responsible for them. Guests should NEVER be brought into production premises where equipment is in use and should not be brought in without personal protective equipment.

18. A guest may not be brought more than 2 times into production premises (use of equipment) before it is expected that they become a member of Makerspace.

19. We aim to be a social network but primarily for members. Exceptions to this are announced open days.


Age Limit:

20. Makerspace has an 18-year age limit for individual members. For family members, a 16-year age limit applies if written permission from guardians is present AND the member is deemed fit for equipment use through participation in courses, training, and otherwise demonstrates enough maturity to be considered fit.


Narcotics and Unacceptable Behaviour:

21. Makerspace has a ZERO TOLERANCE for narcotics. Any member or visitor suspected of being under the influence or who brings illegal drugs into the premises will be immediately removed and banned for one month. Membership will continue to run. In repeated situations, the membership will be permanently cancelled.

22. Substances covered by the authorities’ definition of narcotics are completely prohibited. If there is suspicion that a member or visitor has narcotics, the police will be called immediately BEFORE the member is informed. Membership will then be immediately revoked permanently, and paid fees will not be refunded.

23. Makerspace maintains an open and close relationship with the authorities and will not at any point fail to report suspicions. The police will then be invited to investigate the suspicion without prior information to members.


Members’ Sales and Business Operations:

24. Makerspace is a forum for creation and is a private enterprise needing profit. This implies that members are not allowed to physically sell in our premises. By agreement, products can be displayed in the premises with contact information for members. However, members should not at any point transact any form of goods in the premises even if payment is agreed to occur at a later time. Members who have their own consumable materials are free to use these in the premises but should not sell or transfer sold goods to other members while in the premises. This is because Makerspace as a business has an obligation to tax any goods or services transacted in the premises.

For example: 

a. You have produced something, and have agreed with Makerspace to exhibit this in the venue. Your contact information will then be on the info about the item, and customers can contact you. This is OK.

b. You have produced something and are using the environment in the Makerspace as a forum to sell the times you are on the premises. This is NOT OK. 

c. In such cases, explain that you can talk about this on Facebook, on the phone, over a cup of coffee or something else, when you are not in the Makerspace.

d. In case of doubt, Makerspace employees should ALWAYS be asked.


Exclusion or Cancellation of Membership:

A member commits to always follow the rules and instructions from Makerspace personnel. For breaches, see below:

25. Depending on the severity, a member may receive a written warning of temporary exclusion from Makerspace’s premises.

26. Membership will be cancelled if unacceptable situations continue.

27. The number of warnings before cancellation of membership is solely up to Makerspace.

28.  member may be deprived of their membership without warning if a situation is severe enough.

29. Initially, a member who has failed to follow instructions and/or warnings will be asked to leave the premises for a day. If the situation warrants stricter reactions, the member will receive written notice that they are banned due to (situation) for XX days/weeks.

30. In particularly serious cases, Makerspace, together with Administration and/or management, will decide whether the membership should be cancelled immediately.

31. See also specifically point 6


Risk of Injury and Liability:

32. Makerspace strives at all times to make Makerspace as safe for users/members as possible. Users/members on their side sign this document that they will at all times exercise absolute caution in their actions. All members are personally responsible for their own safety and sign in this document that they will hold Makerspace free from any blame in injuries.

a. When use of the workshop poses a potential risk of personal injury, the user must either have basic knowledge of first aid or ensure that other persons with basic knowledge of first aid are present on the premises.

b. In case of injury: A member who incurs an injury MUST – where Makerspace deems it necessary – allow the calling of medical first aid / medical help / ambulance or transport to the medical clinic. Injuries should be taken seriously and should never be downplayed. In cases of doubt, always contact the medical clinic.

c. Makerspace is obligated to always have fully equipped first aid equipment available.