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Embrace the creative journey with our range of memberships at Creator. Each membership unlocks a world of possibilities, granting you access to our inspiring workshop spaces, cutting-edge tools, and a community of innovative minds. Whether you’re a professional looking for a productive haven, a student seeking resources for your projects, or someone passionate about supporting and being part of a creative movement, our memberships are tailored to fit your needs. As a member, you’ll not only have a space to work and create but also opportunities to learn, network, and collaborate. Join us at Creator, where your ideas have the room to grow and flourish in a supportive and dynamic environment.

Please note that persons under the age of 16 must always be accompanied by an adult.


Each of our membership types, tailored to diverse needs and aspirations, includes the following comprehensive benefits designed to support and elevate your creative and professional endeavors:


Empower Your Creativity

Standard Membership is designed for individual creators and hobbyists seeking a conducive environment to bring their ideas to life. With this membership, you gain full access to our workshop facilities, tools, and a community of fellow innovators. It’s perfect for those who desire a space that supports personal projects, skill development, and networking with like-minded individuals. 

Special Offer for Students: Enjoy our Standard Membership for just 390 NOK*


Enhance Your Business Potential

Our Commercial Membership caters to businesses and professional entities looking for a creative space to develop projects and engage with a vibrant community. It includes extended access to our advanced resources, priority booking for private areas, and opportunities for business exposure within our network. 

This membership is tailored for those who need a professional, yet creative environment to foster their commercial ventures.


Invest in Innovation & Community

Philanthropist Membership is for individuals or organizations dedicated to nurturing the creative and entrepreneurial spirit. This tier offers all the benefits of our Standard Membership, along with special recognition and additional privileges like access to exclusive events and a voice in community projects. 

It’s ideal for those who are not only looking for a space to create but also want to contribute to the growth and success of the wider Creator community.

*Use of machines, tools and equipment is included in your membership unless otherwise stated on the machine/tool. For 3D-printing. this includes filament within reasonable amounts. Paid membership fees are not refundable. Membership runs until terminated in writing. Membership can be terminated with a 1-month notice period, and outstanding membership fees must be settled. You must accept the terms of use to register a membership. There is a one-time registration fee of 350 NOK for new members to help cover initial administrative and setup costs. 

**Please note that our annual memberships are payable in advance and are designed to support a full year of creativity and growth. As such, they are non-refundable if canceled during the membership year. We encourage you to consider this commitment to your creative journey when choosing this option.

From Our Community

Hear directly from the members and collaborators who’ve made Creator their launchpad for innovation and success. Their experiences paint the picture of our vibrant and resourceful ecosystem.


Choose the ideal workspace for your business with our two types of private office rentals. Our second-floor offices, situated adjacent to the workshop, offer convenience and uniformity, each available at 3900 NOK per month. For those seeking more tailored space, our third-floor offices vary in size and are priced per square meter, providing flexibility to match your unique requirements.

Project Storage Solutions

Keep your projects safe and organized with our storage solutions. At just 50 NOK per month, choose from project boxes and mobile storage cabinets, offering a secure and convenient way to store your materials and projects in between your creative sessions in the workshop. These storage options provide peace of mind and easy access whenever you need.

Embrace flexibility with our hot-desking solutions. On the second floor, enjoy the convenience of non-fixed hot desks free of charge, perfect for those on-the-go, with the requirement to clear the space after each use. For a more permanent solution, opt for our fixed hot-desks on the third floor at 1450 NOK per month, offering the comfort of leaving your setup undisturbed.

Ready to Join Our Creative Community?

Embark on your journey with Creator today! If you have questions or need more details about our membership plans, we’re here to help. Reach out to us for personalized assistance in choosing the membership that’s perfect for you.

Ready to Join Our Creative Community?

Embark on your journey with Creator today! If you have questions or need more details about our membership plans, we’re here to help. Reach out to us for personalized assistance in choosing the membership that’s perfect for you.