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Embracing Sustainability with Project Circular Spaces


Exciting news for all our members and the wider community! Creator Makerspace is proud to announce our latest venture, a transformative partnership with Project Circular Spaces. This collaboration marks a significant step towards integrating circular business principles in the Baltic Sea region, emphasizing eco-design, material reuse, and sustainable innovation.

The Vision of Circular Spaces:

The “Circular Spaces” project is a visionary initiative aiming to revolutionize at least 15% of makerspaces in the Baltic Sea region over the next 27 months. The goal is to pivot these spaces towards circular business models that are not just innovative but also environmentally responsible.

Objectives and Impact:

As we embark on this groundbreaking journey with Project Circular Spaces, let’s delve into the key objectives and the profound impact this partnership is set to have:

  • Consortium Formation: We are joining a consortium of BSR makerspaces dedicated to eco-design and material reuse.
  • Digital Collaboration Tool: A digital tool to enhance maker-supplier cooperation in the circular economy will be developed, fostering a new era of digital collaboration.
  • Training and Involvement: The project will train and involve at least 300 makers/start-ups in producing circular products.
  • Piloting Business Ideas: At least five circular business ideas will be piloted, demonstrating practical applications of these principles.
  • Bridging the Gap: Despite the popular belief that makerspaces are inherently environmentally friendly, there’s a notable attitude-behavior gap in actual practice. This partnership aims to transform makers into active sustainability advocates through the application of circular economy principles.

Role of Makers in Sustainability:

Maker communities are unique in their collective knowledge and collaborative learning. By adopting circular economy techniques for product development and providing easy access to sustainable materials and practices, makers can be at the forefront of environmental change.

Our Commitment:

At Creator Makerspace, we are committed to decreasing the attitude-behavior gap by empowering our makers. We will provide the necessary knowledge, methods, and tools to encourage both intrinsically and extrinsically motivated individuals to become sustainability leaders in our community.


This partnership with Project Circular Spaces is not just a step forward for Creator Makerspace; it’s a leap towards a more sustainable future. We’re excited to be part of this change and can’t wait to see the innovative, circular products our community will create. Stay tuned for updates, workshops, and more as we embark on this journey together!

To gain a broader understanding of the groundbreaking Project Circular Spaces and its impact on sustainable innovation in the Baltic Sea region, visit this link.

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