Creator Makerspace

Prototyping the future, today.

What is Creator?

At the heart of Stavanger, Creator Makerspace stands as a beacon for innovation, bridging the gap between hobbyists and professionals.

Our vibrant workshop is a melting pot for individuals and businesses to forge ideas, skills, and connections.

Offering a wide array of tools and resources, Creator is dedicated to fostering a community where imagination meets practicality. Our commitment is to cultivate a conducive environment for creation and collaboration, aiming to generate opportunities and enhance the local economy.

Simply put, Creator is where your ideas are nurtured and brought to life.

Who Is Creator?

Creator is a non-profit makerspace in Stavanger, Norway. Our users are both individuals and businesses. Creator was established in September 2015 and moved into the current facilities in Forus two months later.

Our makerspace is a prototype workshop where people with common interests meet to work on projects and share ideas, equipment and knowledge. Everyone is welcome here. Our members are makers, hobbyists, innovators, specialists, businesses technologists, inventors and hard workers. Some use Creator as a place to work with hobbies, others have a professional need.

Creator’s goal is to be an attractive meeting and work venue for makers, and to help create work places in the region.

From Our Community

Hear directly from the members and collaborators who’ve made Creator their launchpad for innovation and success. Their experiences paint the picture of our vibrant and resourceful ecosystem.

Be a Part of Innovation

Join a Thriving Technologist Community

Embark on a journey where your ideas have the space to unfold and grow. At Creator, you’re not just joining a makerspace; you’re becoming a vital part of a passionate community of technologists, creators, and visionaries. Whether you’re turning hobbies into careers or pushing the boundaries of technology, here is where your ambitions take form. Connect with us today, and let’s shape the future together.

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