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Intro class to resin printing [1 month membership included*]

A resin printer allows you to 3D-print models with fine details, without traces of the layer lines produced by traditional 3D-printers. This is useful if you need a particularly detailed prototype, or if you wish to print small sculptures for decoration or RPG games.

The event is for everyone interested in the basic knowledge of using the resin 3D printers (Formlabs) at Creator, either for commercial or individual purposes. You will learn the basics of a resin printer, how to use the equipment safely, different materials and types of resin, important things to know about maintenance and cleaning and other useful tips and tricks.

No prior knowledge of 3D printing is necessary to take this course.

The free membership is only available for new members*. 
Register within 24 hours after finishing the workshop and you will be eligible for a first free month at Creator Makerspace.
The membership fee will come as an invoice by mail monthly after your first free month, and the membership will run until written notice.

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